Grow Your Own Food: Why Growing Own Food is the Best Idea of 2021?

Are you a person who loves gardening, seeking peace in nature’s lap and thrilled for growing veggies, flowers, fruits of your own? Do gardening offer you peace of mind and a peaceful break in your monotonous everyday life?  Then, no worries. We are here to help you out. If growing your own food makes you feel happy, crazy and zest for living life, you are on the right platform. We will show you the reasons why you are on the right path and will motivate you to follow. Gardening provides not only happiness but also nutrition and health to your family. So say yes to nature, nutrition and health and keep harsh chemicals, contaminated food at bay. 

Let’s get ready to learn why starting a garden and growing your own food is not only a great idea, but also the best decision you have ever taken in your life.  

Here are the reasons to grow your own food-

1. Feel Connected With Nature 

Vegetable gardening is a wonderful hobby where you will get a feeling of connection with nature along with growing food according to your wishes. As a beginner, you can start from small. You can start from creating a kitchen garden at your roof top, balcony or backyard and enjoy the beauty of growing plants with the care of your hand.  You can offer healthy food to your body along with serene peace of mind through nature’s basket.

2. Along with Health, Save Money and Time

Growing your own food not only offers you good health, but also saves both time and money. You can easily skip a trip to the grocery store and harvest fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs directly from your own garden. If plucking those fresh veggies from your kitchen garden can’t make you feel happy, don’t know what else can!

3. You can Grow What You Want

 Are you someone who loves varieties in everything? Then why not for veggies!  You get to grow what you want with your own home garden. Maybe there’s a particular variety of cauliflower, lemon or broccoli you’d like to grow. Or you might want a different variety of guava. You can obviously give it a try and be blessed with nature’s exquisite creation. 

4. Nurture Environment while Growing Nutritious Food

You must know that the plant in your kitchen garden carries more nutrients than your local grocery store. As per research report, fruits and vegetables grown decades ago were richer in vitamins and minerals than what we eat today. What’s the reason for this downfall? Obviously fertilizer, harmful chemicals used for yielding are the main culprits. So home gardeners like you can help this earth and nature to grow nutritious food and get good health and blessings from nature in return. Isn’t that a win-win situation for both!

You are helping the environment to breathe without transportation and fuel cost. Although from your end, it seems little but it’s actually huge.

5) Sustainable Water access and Irrigation

A consistent water source is necessary for growing crops and for human survival. Rainwater harvesting systems and wells can provide water to a community, while drip irrigation systems give farmers access to water for their crops.

6) Increase Sustainable Crop Production

Sustainable farming is the best way to get into the best farming practice.

Increasing crop yields is important to improving food security and fighting undernourishment. Farmers need access to high-quality seeds of appropriate crops, as well as information about planting, growing, harvesting, and crop management.

7) Economic Organization

Economic organization can play an important role in farmer’s development. Farmers need a way to connect with customers in nearby communities in order to sell their products.

Additionally, small-scale farmers can benefit from farmer cooperatives, wherein all the farmers in a community combine their resources in order to receive a better price for their crops. Aid organizations need to invest in the infrastructure and education necessary to create viable economic systems for farmers.

8) Development Programs for Newborns and their Mothers

Providing health care services to the female farmers, mothers and newborns can help a lot for the development and welfare of the farming community.

9) Educating them to avail the benefit of Government Schemes

Government has been launching different welfare schemes for the farmers, but it’s not reached up to the grassroots level due to the lack of awareness and education among the farming community. You can help them by providing awareness and basic education for such schemes.

This is how you can support those that work in acres, not in hours!!! So if you ate today, thank a farmer who works with their blood and sweat to feed you 3 meals a day and offer a good night’s sleep.  

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