Alwar Project

Aim of Our Project

  • To create a sustainable and profitable farming model with less investment.
  • To seek support for community health and well-being of nature, while still carrying profitable businesses.

Objective of the Project

Less Cost, More Produce

Our sole motto is to enlighten and inform farmers about profitable agricultural business through sustainable farming practices. We want to inform farmers that crops can be grown naturally without much usage of chemical fertilizers. We want to teach the farming community about the best agricultural methods to grow food which can also nurture society, the environment, and the economy.

A brief Outline of Our Alwar Project

We have started our journey from ‘Alwar’, one of the districts in Rajasthan which is primarily known for dry and hot climate. Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton and Oil Seeds are the major crops of that area. The source of water is majorly drawn from the canals and wells.

This is our first project towards sustainability, started in June 2021. This project is a mix up of Agroforest and Plant Organic Farming Type Model which aims to grow exotic vegetables and produce maximum revenue. There are a lot of challenges in this region including dry and hot climate to water deficiency and soil type. We tried to move away from traditional crops to grow different kinds of exotic vegetables and tropical plants. We received success in growing different exotic vegetables like, Broccoli, Cherry Tomatoes, Capsicum, Radish, carrots and Zucchini.
We planted 7-8 different varieties of trees which includes, Amla, Guava, Pomegranate, Jamun, Drum Stick, Mango, Orange and Lemon. The farm is equipped with a small soak pit for rain water harvesting.

There are many Restaurants in Delhi NCR which totally relish on exotic vegetables. This project is helping the farmers understand their opportunities while utilizing the market and make agriculture a profitable business with less investment within a very short span of time.