To leave behind a truly extraordinary planet for our descendants and propel the next generation to stick to farming.


The model stands for Biogas Assisted rural Development, Land & Agriculture reform by Organic farming.
This project can cater to the need of dairy farmers, poultry farmers, gaushalas, educational institutions, religious institutions, industries etc.

The plant can be designed for capacity from 25 m3 -500 m3 considering 40 days as hydraulic retention time (HRT).
The capital investment of the plant is 35-40% less than other models. The design is suitable for all region of the country.

The BADLAO Model is fully underground, making enhanced use of land area for other purposes. 70-80% less land area requirement than other models.

S. No. Particulars Details
1 Size 25-500 m3
2 Model Fixed dome type
3 Material of Construction Brick Masonry
4 Machine 100% biogas engine and filters
5 Application Cooking & Power generation

Comparison of BADLAO Model with other existed model:

S. No. BADLAO Model Other Existing Model
1 Capital investment in the corresponding size of biogas unit is low. Capital Investment is high.
2 Steel gas holder is not required. MS gas holder is must which needs to be replaced after few years due to corrosion damage.
3 As there is no moving part, the maintenance cost is minimised.  Cost of maintenance is high.
4 As the unit is underground structure the space above the plant can be used for other purposes. Movable drum does not allow the use of space for other purposes.
5 Effect of low temperature is less. Effect of low temperature during winter is more, which leads to decrease gas production.
6 It can be easily adapted/modified for use of other materials along with dug slurry. It is suitable for processing of cow dung only. Other organic material could clog the plant.