Sustainable Energy Solutions

Introducing indigenously developed proven technology to generate new source of renewable energy through proper waste management


The growing concern for environmental degradation due to greenhouse gas emissions, ozone-depletion and other man made phenomenon have shifted the focus and given a new thrust towards thinking of non-conventional energy sources. Generation of biogas by use of cattle dung is one of the proven technology. Now it is absolutely necessary to adopt such established technology to step ahead towards independent in energy requirements.


Environmentally responsible bulk generators of food waste and organic waste residues


Star Hotels, Resorts, Business Parks, Malls, Hospitals, Temples, Municipalities


Townships, Gated Communities, Apartment Complexes, University Campuses


Waste Aggregators,
Project Financiers, Renewable Energy Developers


Food and Beverage, Distillery, Dairy, Poultry, General Industries with Centralized Kitchens



The model stands for Biogas Assisted rural Development, Land & Agriculture reform by Organic farming.


Biogas produced in anaerobic digester consists of Moisture, Carbon dioxide, Hydrogen sulphide (Impurities) & Methane gas.


Support & Maintenance Activity Related To Handholding And Novel treatment of existing plants provides operation.

GreenHome Biogas

GreenHome biogas is reducing reliance on LPG for cooking purpose and provides high nutrient rich biofertilizer. Unit can be installed in both rural & urban areas

Ongoing and Completed Projects

30 Cum organic waste unit at Assam

1100 Cum poultry waste unit at Odisha.

75 cum piggery waste unit at Assam

300 cum cow dung based unit at Amritsar

25 cum cow dung based unit at Noida, UP

10 cum cow dung based unit at Dehradun

50 cum cow dung based unit at Assam

250 cum Poultry based unit at Bhuvneshwar

100 cum cow dung unit at Gorakhpur

40 cum cow dung unit at Ranchi, Jharkhand

100 cum cow dung unit at Bahraich, UP

20 cum cow dung unit at Sirsaganj, UP