Kanha Upvan, Gorakhpur, UP

100 cum Cow dung based biogas plant at Kanha Upvan, Gorakhpur, UP

Biogas plant at Kanha Upvan, Gorakhpur is an real example of Atmanirbhar_Bharat and Swachh_Bharat.

Koshish India is constucted a 100 cum capacity cow dung based biogas plant at ‘Kanha Upvan, Gorakhpur’ under C&DS, UP Jal Nigam, Govt. of UP. Project is in function from December’2020 onwards.

Under this project, cow dung from stray cattle’s is being used to generate power. The project helps to eliminate the Kanha Upvan’s dependency of the on grid and contribute to become self-reliance.

In addition, biomanure/organic fertilizer produced from the plant will be utilized by “Gorakhpur Nagar Nigam” in their horticulture department.