1100 Cum Poultry Waste Unit at Odisha

1100 cum Poultry waste based biogas Plant at Nutrisource Farm Odisha

Team Koshish successfully commissioned Odisha state’s biggest biogas project at Nutrisource Farm.

Project was designed for the available poultry droppings of farm and produced gas will be utilized for power production. Power production from poultry litter based biogas plant at Nutrisource farm Odisha. Two 62.5 kVA 100% biogas gensets will eliminate the DG’s monthly fuel consumption expenditures of 5-6 Lakh.

A general practice for bigger biogas units across the world is to construct digester overhead with heating system and cover it with a double membrane roof for gas storage. However, keeping the frequency of cyclones in mind, Team Koshish comes with innovative solutions, such as construct 1100cum capacity digester underground (no need of heating system) and replace balloon by Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) gas holder. This FRP gas holder is one of India’s largest in terms of size.

Furthermore, this biogas plant is Odisha state’s biggest and one of the biggest KVIC floating dome type plant in India.