Waste emitted from residential, business, or industrial areas often comes out in the form of wastewater. This wastewater contains several pollutants that, if directly released into the ecosystem, can cause heavy distress to the natural water sources. Wastewater treatment is the process of eliminating toxic or polluting materials from wastewater before it is released into the ecosystem.

Wastewater treatment must be carried out in both industrial and residential locations to make sure that we don’t harm our ecosystem. Wastewater treatment can be carried out using multiple methods and technologies. At Koshish, we provide you with two solutions for the same Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) and Effluent treatment plants (ETP). Let’s know about them:

Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

STPs play an important function in purifying domestic wastewater so that it can be discharged or reused. Our STP systems, which utilize leading-edge MBBR technology, excel at organic matter elimination. The design of our STP plants maximizes space use, while sturdy features ensure consistent and efficient functioning. Our STP helps to create a healthier environment by successfully treating sewage.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Industrial processes generate wastewater containing different contaminants that require expert treatment. Our ETP systems, which use MBBR technology, are designed to effectively remove pollutants from industrial effluents. Beyond meeting environmental standards, our ETP plants include innovative features that provide organizations with sustainable wastewater solutions tailored to their specific needs.

At Koshish, we recognize the importance of responsible sewage management in preserving the environment. Our STPs and ETPs have advanced technologies to treat domestic and industrial wastewater, removing impurities and contaminants before releasing treated water into the ecosystem.

Expertise: Our team consists of experts hailing from IIT Delhi. They bring 15+ years of experience in providing sustainable solutions, guaranteeing reliable and efficient solutions.

Custom Solutions: We understand that each project is unique. Therefore, we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our clients.

Advanced Treatment Processes: Our STPs and ETPs utilize cutting-edge treatment processes to effectively remove pollutants, chemicals, pathogens, and solids from sewage, meeting or exceeding regulatory standards.

Environmental Compliance: We adhere to all environmental regulations and standards, ensuring that our STP and ETP operations have minimal impact on the surrounding ecosystems.

Continuous Monitoring: Rigorous monitoring and control measures are in place to maintain the performance and efficiency of our STP and ETP, ensuring consistent water quality.

Commitment to Sustainability: As advocates for environmental sustainability, we are dedicated to providing sewage treatment solutions that prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Greentreat: Bio-culture to optimize your Wastewater Treatment Plant

Greentreat is a bio-culture solution by Koshish Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to optimize your treatment plant’s operations. It transforms your STPs and ETPs into an environmentally friendly and highly efficient system. It offers several benefits
  • Controls Odour from Plants: Actively eliminates unpleasant odors from treatment plants and leaves the surroundings fresh and clean.
  • Reduces Excess Sludge Generation: Efficient waste breakdown minimizes excess sludge generation, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
  • Suppresses Harmful Bacterial Growth: Contains non-pathogenic microorganisms that break down waste and restrict the growth of harmful bacteria, ensuring a safer environment.

Choose Greentreat bio culture for a sustainable, efficient, and environmentally responsible wastewater treatment, ensuring a cleaner and greener future.