KOSHISH is an initiative by a team of young professionals from the Indian Institute of Technology. We focus on promoting sustainable energy solutions, agriculture practices, and eco-friendly products for sustainable economic growth and environmental development.

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Our Mission

To manage sustainable development by transforming project impacts into benefits not only for our clients but also for the surrounding communities and environment in which we work.

Our Vision

To create sustainable solutions that are essential to a better, safer, and healthier future for every creature on our planet.

What We Offer

Sustainable Agriculture

KOSHISH aims to make agriculture not only sustainable in long term but also a profitable business by linking production with consumerism.

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Flush & Odour free Urinal

OlerTrap no flush urinal consist of a robust & conservative design, keeping in consideration the rough usage and abuse often encountered with typical Indian Urinals.

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Biogas & Bio compost

Introducing indigenously developed proven technology to generate new source of renewable energy through proper waste management.

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Boost ESG Impact: Share Your Sustainable Business Snapshot. Essential forInvestors, ESG Shapes Decisions. We Simplify Complexity, Promoting ProactiveSustainability.

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Carbon Footprint

Our Carbon Management Consultancy provides emissionsmeasurement, reduction strategies, ethical offset programs like GreenHomebiogas, carbon trading, and business benefits including sustainability commitment,global emissions reduction, and Net Zero Carbon achievement. Aligned with UNSustainable Development Goals.

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Our Impact


BioGas Generated /per mil (metric) / Day across India


Waste Treated /per million (kg) / Day across India

51,783 CO2e

Carbon Footprint


Projects Delivered across India


Litres of water saved /day across India

What Our Customers Say

In one washroom with 6 urinal pans, we save around 15 KL/month and 3 KW energy/month.
OlerTrap received high praise from our staff, resulting in water and energy conservation.
Indian Railways
Excellent performance noted for OlerTrap Urinal Kits at Delhi Terminal Tikrikalan.
Indian Oil
Water saved, costs eliminated, sewage load reduced, hygiene improved.
Eternal University

Our Projects

250 Cum Aligarh

Poultry litter based biogas plant, FeedPro Hatcheries in Aligarh has embraced the Koshish Biogas Plant! By harnessing the power of biogas, they are not only saving money but also keeping their poultry farm squeaky clean by effectively managing litter. Taking a big step towards eco-friendly practices and a greener future.

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75 Cum Assam

Pig waste-based biogas plant, "Every project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent”. Piggery waste-based biogas plant at Ryan Farms Sonapur, Guwahati. The project is fulfilling farm's electricity requirement, while also converting the available waste into odourless & highly nutrient rich organic manure.

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Our Valuable Clients

Awards And Recognitions

CSR – Award for Sustainable Contribution to Environment and Sustainability,
Green Future Leadership Award, Greener - Best Initiative in Recycling Biodegradable Waste.
CSR – North India Leadership Award 2021
CSR - Most Impactful Green Leaders
Awarded First Price in Hackathon – Atmanirbhar Gaushala – Scalable Business Model toTransform Gaushala into a Self- Sustainable Enterprise
Weekend Leader - VIT Person of the Year
Industrial Outlook - Top 10 Waste to Energy Solutions 2023