KOSHISH aims to make agriculture not only sustainable in long term but also a profitable business by linking production with consumerism. We provide a pristine working example of sustainable living to promote proof of concept replicable by others in any environment across the globe. Also Evolve sustainable solutions based on the current needs of people and their environment. Help people producing their own high-quality and diverse food is a path to increasing health, biodiversity, and individual.

SOUL - Four E’s

Enriching Farmers
Empowering rural youth
Ecological balance
Exciting urban customers

Our Initiatives

Awareness and Training

  • Develop and implement strategies to raise awareness about natural farming practices among farmers, FPOs, and stakeholders.
  • Organize and conduct training programs, workshops, and awareness campaigns to educate farmers on the benefits and techniques of natural farming.
  • Provide guidance and support to farmers in adopting and implementing natural farming practices.
  • Collaborate with experts to develop training materials and resources.

Collaboration with Farmers, FPOs, and NGOs

  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with farmers, FPOs, and NGOs in the agricultural sector.
  • Collaborate with them to develop and implement joint projects and initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Coordinate with FPOs and NGOs to facilitate knowledge sharing, capacity building, and skill development programs for farmers.
  • Identify opportunities for collaboration and partnership with relevant stakeholders to drive sustainable agricultural development.

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SOUL - Four E’s

With an initiative to share the knowledge of how the minimal area of land can be used to grow different varieties of plants,…

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