Embracing the Value of Water for Life!

Water plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing food security, sustaining livestock, nurturing all forms of organic life, facilitating industrial production, and safeguarding biodiversity and the environment. Nevertheless, the escalating demand and irresponsible depletion of water resources, fuelled by population growth and unsustainable lifestyles, have led to critical water crises in numerous countries.

Although the depletion of water resources is a major issue, flushing toilets & urinals is not typically recognized as a cause. But each flush uses at least 1.6 litres of water

- Conserve H2O, a Water Providers Consortium

Water consumption varies with the system model at an average of 4 litres per flush. While water-efficient urinals use 2.8 litres per flush and in recent times. Smart Flush systems using 0.8 litres per flush have also been launched.

- Centre for Science and Environment

OlerTrap: A Remarkable Step Towards Water Conservation

The prime concern of a waterless or flush free urinal is to block the path of foul gases (generated in the drain pipelines due to natural degradation of urine) exiting through the urinal holes and floor drains, hence removing odour into the restroom.

OlerTrap Flush Free Urinal Kit consist of a durable and efficient design, keeping in consideration the rough usage and abuse often encountered with typical Indian Urinals. 

Embrace sustainability in your restroom by installing the OlerTrap Flush-Free and Odor-Free Urinal Kit. This eco-conscious solution not only conserves water and electricity but also fosters a healthier lifestyle. Experience a water-free restroom transformation that contributes to the achievement of sustainable development goals.

How It Works

Advantages of OlerTrap Urinal Kit.

  • Smart Solutions for a Sustainable Future:
  • One-time Fitment Technology¬†
  • Seamless Retrofitting: Easily Fits Existing Urinals¬†
  • Effortless Installation and Maintenance, No Recurring Costs
  • No cartridge and consumables needed.
  • Water Savings: No Flush Required
  • Enhanced Hygiene: Flush-free solution by eliminating the risk of contamination.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption for Sustainable Living
  • LEED Program Eligible for 'Green Building Credits'
  • Cost Savings: No Flush Valve, Piping, or Sensors Required or sensor.
  • Monetary & Environmental Gains: Save Water, Lighten Sewage Load

Critical Safety Precautions

Make sure to clean the urinal pan regularly.

Avoid inserting any tools or brushes into the OlerTrap.

Use mild or natural cleansers for urinal pot cleaning.

Avoid spitting tobacco in the pan, as it affects urinal kit performance,


Conventional Urinal

  • 0.8-2L water per flush per urinal
  • High cleaning and maintenance cost, it requires frequent cleaning and washing of the urinals.
  • Sensor Cost/ Power Consumption/ Battery Replacement
  • Frequent Chocking
  • Produce high odour.

OlerTrap Flush Free Urinal

  • No flush required
  • No extra cleaning and maintenance cost, it requires cleaning once in a day (regular use of spray is required)
  • Sensor Cost/ Power Consumption/ Battery Replacement
  • No Chocking
  • Neutralized odour