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Our Story

KOSHISH is an initiative by young and dynamic professionals, graduates from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, with over 10 years of collective experience in sustainable development. Our focus lies in promoting sustainable energy solutions, water conservation technology, and sustainable agriculture. By commercializing these initiatives into value-add products, we drive sustainable economic growth while uplifting the environment and fostering irreversible human development. Through our projects, our clients contribute to environmental, social, and economic upliftment.

We believe in the power of collaboration and building strong relationships with all our partners, including investors. Together, let's create a sustainable future with KOSHISH.

Our Proven Team of Expertise

Mr. Vivek Tiwari

Mr. Vivek Tiwari has an extensive and illustrious career spanning close to two decades within the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of the microfinance sector. With his extensive experience, Mr. Tiwari has become a recognized thought leader and trailblazer in the field of microfinance. He has played a pivotal role in shaping and influencing policies, strategies, and practices that underpin the microfinance ecosystem. Mr. Tiwari's profound understanding of the interplay between financial sustainability and social impact has been instrumental in catalyzing the growth of social entrepreneurship. His experience, insights, and visionary approach have collectively carved a path towards enhanced financial inclusion, thriving social entrepreneurship, and a more impactful realm of investing. As he continues to shape the trajectory of the microfinance landscape, Mr. Tiwari stands as an inspiring beacon of positive change and progress.

Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari

Dr. Ratnesh Tiwari, an engineering postgraduate with a Ph.D. from IIT Delhi, has more than 10 years of experience in sustainability space and is deeply committed to social outreach, creating a positive social impact and a passionate advocate for social outreach, dedicated to making a lasting social impact and fostering rural development. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities, he actively engages in initiatives that promote inclusivity, education, and sustainable growth.

Driven by his belief in the transformative power of technology, Dr. Tiwari utilizes his expertise in emerging technologies to design innovative solutions that address social inequalities. He envisions a world where technological advancements serve as catalysts for positive change, empowering individuals and communities to thrive.

Dr. Amit Ranjan Verma

Dr. Amit Ranjan Verma, a distinguished alumnus of both NIT Trichy and IIT Delhi, stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of energy and sustainability. With over a decade of dedicated service, he has collaborated extensively with private enterprises, public institutions, and nonprofit entities, leaving an indelible mark on each endeavor. Through his unwavering commitment, Dr. Verma has emerged as a prominent energy and sustainability expert, wielding his comprehensive knowledge to drive positive change. 

His illustrious career is a testament to his deep-rooted passion for creating a lasting impact within and beyond the boundaries of conventional practice. Dr. Verma's vision encompasses the development of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics that serve as compasses guiding strategic decisions and governance practices.

Er. Anil Singh Tomar

Er. Anil Singh Tomar is a Civil Engineer at the core, possessing a profound understanding of the intricacies and nuances that define the realm of civil engineering.  His journey has been marked by an insatiable curiosity and a relentless pursuit of expertise, leading him to a specialization that sets him apart. With an unwavering commitment to expanding his horizons, he embarked on a transformative educational journey that culminated at the prestigious IIT Delhi. 

He delved deep into the art and science of designing civil structures tailored specifically for biogas plants. This unique focus reflects his keen awareness of the role that biogas technology plays in sustainable energy solutions and environmental stewardship. Drawing from a cumulative experience of five years in this sector, Anil has honed his skills through hands-on involvement in various projects. This experience has equipped him with a pragmatic understanding of the challenges and opportunities that abound in the realm of biogas plant design and construction.

Mr. Devendra Kumar

Devendra Kumar is an accomplished and driven professional, having an extensive track record spanning over 12 years in the realm of renewable energy. Throughout his career, he has consistently exhibited a hands-on approach, actively engaging in all phases of the project lifecycle, from conceptualization to successful implementation. His contributions have left an indelible mark on the renewable energy landscape, highlighting his adaptability, technical prowess, and innovative thinking.

At present, Devendra Kumar has honed his focus on a compelling and impactful endeavor – the development of sustainable sanitation products. His dedication to sustainable sanitation aligns seamlessly with the global pursuit of improved public health and ecological stewardship. 

Er. Madhur Shrivastava

Madhur Srivastava is a distinguished Mechanical Engineer, whose journey in the field of biogas spans over a period of 8 years. His proficiency is exemplified in his ability to conceptualize, develop, operate, and optimize biogas systems across various scales and contexts. From small-scale community projects to larger industrial setups, Madhur's skill set encompasses the entire spectrum of the biogas system lifecycle.

Madhur's depth of knowledge extends beyond operational aspects. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of the technical intricacies involved in both the production and utilization of biogas. This holistic comprehension enables him to navigate the multifaceted landscape of biogas technology, making informed decisions that maximize efficiency, performance, and environmental impact.


To create sustainable solutions that are essential to a better, safer, and healthier future for every creature on our planet.


To manage sustainable development by transforming project impacts into benefits not only for our clients but also for the surrounding communities and environment in which we work.

Our Values

We're here to support your operations and future planning while protecting the environment and advancing biogas technology. Trust us to help you create a sustainable future


We ensure the developing & protecting of the environment and secure long-term environmental sustainability for future generations.


We have a culture of encouraging new ideas and fresh thinking in our projects and in the way in which we run our business.


We deliver on our commitments and are equally willing to reap the rewards or pay the consequences of our performance.


We are ethical and honest towards our responsibilities to our shareholders, employees, customers, and business partners.

Social impact

We deal in products and services that create a significant social impact on our target audience.


We enable each living creature of mother earth to live healthily and happily through our sustainable solutions.