ESG ratings provide your investors, customers, and other key stakeholders with a quick snapshot of how your business is doing on sustainability. Today, investors are relying more and more on ESG ratings as a way to measure performance and are giving greater weight to these tools in their decision-making.

However, with little industry standardization and an overwhelming number of platforms and analytics on the market, it can be hard to cut through the noise. Which ESG ratings should you prioritize and what actions should you take to set yourself up for success?

Our team can help you navigate the ESG ratings landscape and take a proactive approach to your sustainability efforts. We’ll identify any gaps against relevant scoring criteria, provide a concrete action plan for improvement, then help you implement recommendations and write disclosures that will boost your future scores.

With our ESG Ratings Services, you can:

  • Understand the expectations of ratings agencies
  • Determine what public disclosures are missing and therefore negatively impacting your score
  • Identify ways to improve your scores and address hotspots
  • Differentiate your brand in an increasingly competitive market
  • Show your stakeholders that you are taking ESG seriously

How It Works

ESG ratings are a great way to baseline your sustainability efforts, but the journey shouldn’t end there. To help you go beyond ESG ratings, our team will guide you through the following steps:

Analyze Gaps

A gap analysis will show you where you stand against the agency’s scoring criteria and uncover any sustainability hotspots.

Build Your ESG Program

Building a more robust ESG program will help you address your gaps, from setting goals and creating a governance structure.

Write Formal Disclosures

Once you’ve taken meaningful action, write a formal disclosure to improve your future score and stand out to investors.

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