Support And Maintenance Activity Related To the Handholding And Novel treatment of existing plants provides operation and maintenance support to existing Bio-CBG/ Biogas Power/ Biogas Thermal plants which are not running efficiently and bearing commercial losses.

As per our assessment, most of the commercial Bio-CBG/ Biogas Power/ Biogas Thermal plants in India are running under capacity. The following are reasons for the same:

  • Inadequate scientific approach to design, operations, and process
  • Lack of strategy for Marketing of the gas and manure
  • Non-availability of skilled manpower
  • Non-availability of the uniform waste material for which the plant has been designed.
  • Inconsistent and non-uniform feeding by untrained deployed manpower and operator
  • Restrictions of existing PSA technology which has ~20-30% methane loss during purification

BADLAO model

  • Capital investment in the corresponding size of biogas units is low.
  • MS gasholder coated with FRP to prevent corrosion.
  • As there is no moving part, the maintenance cost is minimized.
  • The effect of low temperature is less due to the FRP-coated gasholder.
  • It can be easily adapted/modified for the use of other materials along with dung slurry.

Other existing model

  • Capital Investment is high.
  • MS gas holder is a must that needs to be replaced after a few years due to corrosion damage.
  • The cost of maintenance is high.
  • The effect of low temperatures during winter is more, which leads to decreased gas production. 
  • It is suitable for the processing of cow dung only. Other organic materials could clog the plant.

Koshish takes up the challenge of revamping the existing non-functional or underperforming biogas plants by providing end-to-end solutions to the client to address the aforementioned issues. We deliver technical support to ensure the optimal operation of projects, rendering them financially viable.